Unmatched Quality & Service


Solar panels

We’ve gone to great lengths to partner with people who believe in quality and ethics above everything else. We are proud to work with Canadian Solar and Jinko Solar to provide our customers with the highest quality solar panels on the market.

Inverters & Optimizers

We work with Solar Edge to provide the highest quality inverters & optimizers that are less complicated and more cost effective for customers. The fixed string voltage ensures operation at the highest efficiency 24/7 + 365.

INstallation & piece of mind

Our installation teams are experienced installers that are fully insured with liability up to 10 million dollars and follow the WSIB requirements. They have the experience and skills to install your solar system with confidence.

Our Solar Panels are backed by a 25 year Canadian insured 3rd party warranty. Optimizers come with a 25 year warranty and our String Inverters come with a 10 year warranty. Even if something happens to SunFlow Solar or our partners, you’re finances are secure & protected.